New Incursion Program

Are you a kinder teacher looking for a fun, interactive way to engage your class with the world around them?

The Hola Amigos incursion program has been designed to meet the current Australian Early Learning and Development Guidelines, helping young children explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition of another culture.

Through a mix of language and cultural experience, this program encourages a greater understanding of diversity and the connections, similarities and differences between people.

This Mini-Immersion session is suitable for 3-5 year olds and introduces children to the Spanish language through play, movement, songs, puppetry, crafts, painting and stories. Sessions run for 30 minutes (for 3-4 year olds) or 45 minutes (for 4-5 year olds).

Children will be introduced to a simple vocabulary, learning words for colours, numbers, shapes and fruits.

For more details, please contact Pilar at hola[at]

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