Our Vision

Our vision is to provide meaningful language and cultural programs to Early Childhood education services in Australia.

We believe that “human resources” as Sir Ken Robinson would say, are the greatest assets when it comes down to passing on languages and culture in Early childhood and we value the unique interactions that occur between a child and an educator.

Our vision is to create more opportunities for language programs as we understand that a language and a culture go hand in hand, they are not separate from each other but rather intertwined making it almost impossible for a child not to get a sense, a feeling or an unseen understanding of the culture through the gestures, the body language and even the intonations used by the educator.

Our vision is so big that it encompasses more than just an academic achievement, an intellectual stimulus or a “brain work out” it fits in with all aspects of a child… yes, the brain and the body but also his/her spirit. We are encouraging self identity through this work by exposing the child to a different culture, language and a different physical place. We are presenting the child with the opportunity to SEE difference and to get to know it. We are planting seeds towards better tolerance of diverse cultures that can only have the grand benefit of better equipping children to live in their future global societies.

“We are all born with extraordinary powers of imagination, feeling, intuition, spirituality and of physical and sensory awareness”
Sir Ken Robinson

Pilar Nesvara
Diploma of Early Childhood
Certificate Movement Therapy
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Meet Pilar

Global Kids was created after many years of working in Early Childhood Centres and Kindergartens and continuously wanting to share my enthusiasm for the Spanish language with children and educators. My passion took me out on a limb to see if I could make language learning fun and interesting for children and also to see if I could bust those old myths that many people and educators shared about second languages causing delays or hindering learning in general.

This journey started to get interesting, as I continued to discover the many benefits of language that were being researched, and noticing that these were happening in my own classes, especially with the very young children – how well they mimic sounds and build on their first language as they discover the new one.

It is my belief that sharing our languages and cultures with children creates new ways of embracing and accepting diversity, which are so fortunate to experience in our country.

I have been teaching and instructing Spanish and English to children for over 20 years now and having lived and studied in both Chile and Australia, am a native speaker in both languages. My own experience with these two cultures, and the impact they have had on my life, highlights why I am so passionate about my work.

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” Unknown



This program has been a wonderful introduction to a new language and culture. The children have enthusiastically learnt words and songs which they have loved teaching to their families and friends. They have become very keen to learn about many countries with all their differences and similarities.

I highly recommend Pilar as a Spanish teacher of young children.

Sandra Cooper

Pearcedale Preschool

Pilar has the ability through her vast experience in Early Childhood to relate to and engage the children in a journey of song, puppetry and movement, in her native language.

Her program is developmentally appropriate, well planned, and managed with intuition and sensitivity, encouraging each child to participate and interact at their own pace, to reach full potential.

Sue Warren

Monbulk Preschool

Learning Spanish with Pilar has been a rewarding experience for our Kinder Play group. It is perfectly tailored to suit our 3-4 year age group, and the children are keen to participate each week, as well as demonstrate their ever expanding knowledge of the Spanish language both in and out of the class.

Pilar has a wonderful rapport with the children and is an inspirational teacher.

Jen Broekhof

Emerald Community House Kinder Play

Global Kids is an amazing initiative that fills a crucial gap within the community. The program is tailored in age appropriate ways to ensure children of all ages and levels of understanding can easily grasp a second language.

Pilar ensures children have a positive first experience with any language, so that the love for learning more is firmly implanted. Her CAIPE modality is a unique and much needed teaching tool.

As a specialist in the services for recovery from domestic violence, I highly recommend the benefits children receive by having their brains exposed to another language, particularly when they have been exposed to trauma.

I so highly value the Global Kids program that I have partnered with Pilar to work as part of my own programs

Pru Marie

Mums Gap Year

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Global Kids / Hola Amigos
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