The Hola Amigos Kinder programs offer a fun, effective way to introduce the Spanish language to preschool aged children within their normal learning environments.

They have been structured around the Victorian Early Childhood Frameworks and meet key learning objectives.

There is no better way of understanding these interactive, highly engaging and effective language classes other than by experiencing them yourselves.

Book in for a FREE Introductory Session at your centre – there really is no other way!


“And suddenly you know it’s time to try something new and trust in the magic of beginnings”

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for kinder groups are designed to follow the developmental stages of the age group. Children at this age are still forming and developing language, early stages of reading/writing and mathematics. Apart from this they are becoming aware of the greater world around them.

This age group differs from the Pre Kinder children in that the learning outcomes now include looking at the greater world through maps and flags and identifying some differences between Latin American countries and Australia. We touch on topics of diverse cultures, our differences and similarities and we begin to explore areas such as identity, tolerance and empathy and belonging.

*There are many opportunities for educators to extend on these topics and exploration within their own kinder programs and curriculum. The benefits when this is done well are quite impressive.

We are still in the sensitive period of learning here where neurons form new connections at the rate of 700-1000 per second, these early synaptic connections form the basis of a person’s life long capacity to learn and to adapt to change. Research now backs up the knowledge that acquiring a second or third language at this age will NOT hinder or delay the child in developing their first language but rather enhance it and strengthen the brain for learning in general.

The learning outcomes for centres that run a full year are divided into four blocks of ten weeks each. There is a rest period of two weeks between each block. The deliberate rest period is to allow children to rest from learning and let the brain absorb what has been learnt. It also helps the child not to lose interest.

*Shorter blocks to suit each centres needs are also available and centres can choose how many blocks they would like per a year.

** We prepare Kinder groups for Kinder graduations or end of year performance so that families can see what their children have learnt during the year. We make sure that we can come to their graduations to support them on this day for FREE when we travel with a centre for a full year.

To view the full curriculum please click here.

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