Global Kids has a clear vision and principles regarding using people rather than technology for introducing a second language into Early Childhood centres.

It is well researched that children use both sides of their brains to learn. They are able to absorb all of the non verbal as well as the verbal meaning that it is much easier for them to get a “feeling” of another culture through an educator as they are seeing, feeling, sensing and hearing the many “invisible” aspects of the culture.

Our educators understand the multiple learning styles that children have and our modality includes this into the program making sure that we are catering for all children.

We are also very aware that we are a multicultural country and our childcare centres have a wonderful diversity within their own staff. These are the “human resources” that have all of the qualities needed to be a Global Kids Language and Culture EDUCATOR as they are bilingual, they are trained in Early Childhood and they have brought their cultural background with them.

We would like to acknowledge the value in having educators from diverse backgrounds and support them in seeing their difference as an asset to their place of work.

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